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Integrating Entrepreneurship & Global Studies into all Curricular Subjects 

Our curriculum follows the Alberta Education Program of Studies for k-12 schools for Math, Literacy, Science, Social and other required curriculum, while seamlessly integrating entrepreneurship and a global mindset into all these subjects. This holistic approach prepares students for the modern world, equipping them with essential skills and perspectives.

In subjects like mathematics and science, students develop critical and creative thinking skills, solving real-world problems and fostering innovation. History and social sciences explore the interconnectedness of societies, promoting understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives.

Literature and language arts expose students to different narratives, fostering empathy and cultural understanding. Physical education and arts provide platforms for creativity, teamwork, and entrepreneurial activities such as event organization or artistic ventures.

By infusing entrepreneurship and a global mindset across the core curriculum, students not only gain knowledge but also cultivate adaptability, resilience, communication, and collaboration skills. This comprehensive approach prepares them to be future leaders, entrepreneurs, and global citizens who can positively contribute to the world and drive meaningful change.



Entrep Core Program

Entrepreneurship Core Program 

Grades K-3

Entrepreneurial Integration 

In our educational framework for kindergarten through third-grade students, we do not have a distinct Entrepreneurship core program of studies. Instead, we focus on integrating essential entrepreneurship skills seamlessly into various subjects. Through this approach, students develop vital abilities such as critical thinking, basic budgeting, and financial stewardship alongside their regular coursework.

By intertwining entrepreneurship skills within the broader curriculum, we ensure that students are exposed to these foundational concepts from an early age. This approach promotes a holistic understanding of entrepreneurship and equips our young learners with essential skills that can benefit them in various aspects of life.

Grades 4 & 5

This program offers a unique opportunity for young students to gain exposure to entrepreneurship and cultivate a sense of empowerment. Each year, the program focuses on studying a diverse range of industries, enabling students to broaden their horizons. Through teamwork, students collaborate to develop innovative products, refine their pitching skills, and ultimately launch their own businesses. The pinnacle of the program is a dynamic marketplace experience, where students actively participate in selling their products.

To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, classroom teachers join forces with volunteer business professionals who serve as mentors for the student teams. These dedicated mentors not only provide valuable guidance but also bring real-world context to the table, enriching the students' understanding of entrepreneurship. The mentors play a pivotal role in championing the students' efforts and instilling confidence in their abilities. Together, the teachers and business professionals create a nurturing environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills development for the budding entrepreneurs.

Global Studies Core Program

Global Studies Core Program 

At FFLA, Global Studies is a fundamental component of our curriculum, aiming to cultivate globally competent students. We prioritize the development of skills that enable students to examine local, global, and intercultural issues. They learn to understand and appreciate diverse perspectives and world views, interact respectfully with others, and take responsible action towards sustainability and collective well-being.


Through Global Studies, students acquire the necessary tools to live harmoniously in multicultural communities and navigate a changing labor market. They also learn how to effectively and responsibly utilize media platforms. Moreover, we emphasize the importance of supporting the Sustainable Development Goals, empowering students to contribute to global efforts for a better future.

By integrating Global Studies into our core offering, we foster a comprehensive educational experience that equips students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world. They develop a global mindset and become active contributors to their communities, making a positive impact on both local and global scales.



As part of our Global Studies and Entrepreneurship Curriculum, we offer Spanish as a second language, starting from Kindergarten through to Spanish 30. Recognized as the third most important business language worldwide, learning Spanish becomes a vital aspect of our program, bridging entrepreneurship and global studies. Our Spanish instruction enhances the curriculum provided by Alberta Education.

In our Spanish program, we utilize the Total Physical Response Story Telling (TPRS) methods of language acquisition. TPRS® is a dynamic foreign language teaching approach that emphasizes Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. Through TPRS®, we focus on commonly-used words and phrases, incorporating them into stories, conversations, and other activities to ensure student comprehension of the language.

By integrating Spanish into our curriculum, we provide students with valuable linguistic skills that complement their entrepreneurial and global studies endeavors. Through engaging instruction and the use of TPRS®, students develop proficiency in Spanish, enabling them to effectively communicate and interact in a multicultural and global context.

Skills & Values

Skills & Values Program

Skills and Values are integral to our Entrepreneurial and global mindset education program at FFLA. Aligned with the Alberta Program of Studies for Health and Wellness, as well as the Philosophy of Alberta Education's Core Competencies, our program instills essential skills and values for global citizenship and an entrepreneurial mindset. This comprehensive program spans from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Here's how it works:

  • Each month, the entire school focuses on a specific skill or value within the Health and Wellness curriculum. 

  • In each class, students collaboratively set a SMART goal related to the designated skill or value and work together to achieve it. This integration can extend beyond Health and Wellness into other subject areas.

  • The monthly theme is prominently displayed on the school's bulletin board, and the associated quote is shared during morning announcements.

  • The monthly School Newsletter features a section highlighting the skill or value, providing an overview of the school's activities related to it.

  • At the end of the month, students receive awards at the school assembly based on their accomplishments linked to the skill or value.

  • During the monthly school assembly, each class performs on the designated skill or value on a rotation schedule, while all classes incorporate the skill or value into their learning throughout the month.

  • At each assembly, the upcoming month's Skill or Value is presented, and a yearly schedule of themes will be posted for reference.

By integrating skills and values into our curriculum and creating a supportive school-wide environment, FFLA empowers students to develop essential competencies, fostering global citizenship and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Blended Learning

Grade 10-12 Blended Learning Program

FFLA offers a unique Blended Learning Program for Grade 10-12 students, combining online and face-to-face instruction.

Core Courses: Students physically attend school daily and work independently on core courses using the Moodle online platform. Specialized teachers oversee their progress, provide assessments, facilitate hands-on activities, offer tutoring, and answer questions. This blended approach promotes independent learning, preparing students for Post-Secondary Education and their careers.

Entrepreneurship: Grade 10 students complete the 5-credit INCubatoredu Program. Optional programs include the ACCELeratoredu grade 11 program and the Business Experience offering in grade 12. More details can be found in the Entrepreneurship Core Program section above.

Spanish: Spanish is integrated into FFLA's program from kindergarten onwards. Students with a strong Spanish background can challenge Spanish 10 at the start of grade 10. In high school, they may take an accelerated Spanish 20 course in Semester 1 and an accelerated Spanish 30 course in Semester 2.

Electives: Students have over 100 elective options delivered in the Blended Learning format.

FFLA's Blended Learning Program provides students with a flexible and comprehensive educational experience. Through a combination of online and face-to-face instruction, students engage in core courses, explore entrepreneurship, develop Spanish proficiency, and choose from a wide range of electives. This approach prepares them for future success by fostering independent learning, adaptability, and a well-rounded skill set.

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